Getting Rvplayer to play versions in the same order as in shotgunplaylist


I'm pretty new to Shotgun and have a question regarding getting Rvplayer to play versions in the same order as in my shotgunplaylist. If I have the duration for the different shots and the edit ins and outs set up , what other data do I to enter into Shotgun for RVPlayer to play the selected shots in the same order as they are in the shotgun playlist?


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    Don Parker

    Hi Morten, if you are launching RV from a Shotgun playlist, the Versions should play in whatever order those Versions are sorted on the page.  You can sort by any field, so you have a lot of control there.  We also added a field called "Sort Order" that is a unique value for the Version in that Playlist (so not a field on the Version itself).

    Let us know if that's not working for you and we'll escalate this into a ticket and figure out what's going on!




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    Morten Overlie

    Hi Don, 
    it still doesn't play them in the sorted order. Is there any information that i have to add to the shots or versions, that it needs to play them correctly? I've attached an image with my playlist settings.


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    FYI, this is a known issue we're working on (as of v2.0.4). We'll update when it's fixed.

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    Stephen Chiu

    Morten, this has been resolved and you are able to sort by whichever field you're currently sorting by per Don's response earlier. Let us know if you have any questions!

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