How to link files after uploading


I have uploaded some reference videos (numbered animatics) to Shotgun.  The videos apply to multiple Sequences in the project, which I created after uploading the files.

I want the files to have the sequences in their Link field but the field is "Not Editable in This Context".


How can I edit the Link field after the files are already up?  (Also, can they be linked to multiple things?)


My temporary alternative:  Set the "Reference For" field and modify the Sequence Detail Default Layout so its search includes that.  (Is that the proper thing to do anyway?)

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    Nephi Sanchez

    Hi Brian,

    That 'Link' field on the File entity is protected (think of it as a system field of sorts -- this is the same field that is used to link attachments to Notes so not only is it protected, but you can only have one value in there), so your alternative could be a good one. You may also consider creating a new custom field to accomplish your linkage needs. Here's how you would do that:


    - from a Files page create a new field by clicking on the '+|' icon at the top right of the column headers, and then selecting 'Add New Field...'

    - an overlay will pop up, on the left side of it, for 'Field Type' select 'Multi-Entity'

    - then on the right side of the overlay, for 'Link to Entity Type' select 'Sequence'

    - at the top of the overlay, give your new field a name, something like 'Sequence Links'


    Then of course you would need to adjust your filters (just as you have done for 'Reference For') accordingly.

    Let us know how it goes!

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    Brian Smith

    Thanks Nephi,

    I was beginning to suspect something like that. 

    What is the intended purpose of the "Reference For" field?  I'm trying to keep existing Shotgun elements around to use for their intended purposes, which I may or may not have realized at the beginning.

    If "Reference For" applies more to something I haven't thought of yet but might use later, I'll create a new field called "Applies To" or something.


    Another related question.  If I have the following organizational elements:

    File:  Video_Animatic.mov   (Has field "Applies To" set to Sequence object "01-Simon Sees a Snake")

    Sequence:  01-Simon Sees a Snake   (Contains Shots SSS_010, SSS_020, SSS_030, SSS_040 etc.)

    Several Shots (in Simon Sees a Snake)   (sorry :)


    How do I go about making Video_Animatic.mov show up in the detail page when someone is looking at e.g. Shot SSS_040?  (I was assuming that's what the Link field would do for me, so that's my actual problem.)

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    Nephi Sanchez

    Hi Bryan,


    The 'Reference For' is also a link field, and you can use it to link to many different types of entities.  It is intended to be able to link a File to multiple references of anything else (Shot, Asset, Task, Version, etc.) and is commonly used for Files that are Reference Art - and this points to what they are referencing.


    So to get the Video_Animatic.mov to show up in a detail page for the relevant shots, you'll just need to create a tab on a Shot detail page of type 'File', by right clicking on existing tab headers then selecting 'Insert New Tab',  and then put a filter on your new tab like this:  Applies To > Sequence > Shots  -  Includes  -  Current Shot().  Remember to save the detail page, when you finish, by clicking on the yellow page icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser and selecting 'Save Page'.


    Here's a similar filter, but uses 'Reference For' instead of 'Applies To':


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    One method a lot of our clients use is to use Tags. Typically, they will create a list field on Files called "Type" and make one of the options "Reference". So you could tag all reference files relevant to Sequence 01 - Simon Sees A Snake with 'SSS', and then you could create a new Files tab on the Shot detail page, name it "Reference files" and query for all Files where Type = "Reference" and have the tag 'SSS' and any other tags you want. This allows you to link Files to multiple things in a more freeform way without having to feel restricted by link fields. You can do the same thing with Assets, Elements, etc. so if you have a character named 'Simon' you could tag any reference related to that character with 'simon' and build a query on a File tab for all reference Files related to "simon".

    Hope that helps!

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    Brian Smith

    Thanks guys, very helpful!  I've got everything I need now.


    This is excellent software.

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