Maintain linked fields on import

Maybe I am missing it, but, what would be nice is the ability to maintain the linked fields I set for importing datasets.


Lets say I have ten projects (actually a lot more ;p). Currently I hit import, pick shots, load my info, manually click off each field to link up with the shotgun equivalent, import, check it out, and repeat .....


The linking of my data fields to shotguns each time for every shot list is teeeedious.  Granted, by the time you guys are done implementing the feature I wont need it anymore, but I am sure the next guy will appreciate it.


As an extra bonus, let the fields persist their links per entity type.  To take it one step further, let it get the template treatment as well, so I could literally pick my predefined field linkages based on what data I am pushing.

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    Don Parker

    Remembering the column matching choices is a great idea.  I'll make a ticket on our end to look into that. 

    You may know this already, but if you name the columns of your data to match the Shotgun column names, the importer will do the matching automagically.  This also works if you rename the column on a page, and then import from that page.  To do this, right click on the column header, and choose:  Column Formatting > Rename Column for This Page Only

    That only updates the display name for that column on that one page.  If you then save the page with the columns renamed to match your source, importing from that page (via the gear menu in the toolbar) will do the column matching for you based on the renamed columns.  Will that help ease some pain?  Then maybe you have a "template page" for each of your datasets?

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    Alexander G Morano

    Thanks Don!  I did not actually know that, saves a ton of time.


    No worries on suggestions, I am sure this is the first of many ;p

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