Entity types on Task Template creation

I got into this as an adjunct to my Status question. One of our directors has asked how we might go about setting up a template for a review / signoff process through which an asset or shot would go before being considered complete.

When I'm looking at creating a task template I see the following entity types:


Of these I understand (I think) the  Asset, Shot, Scene and Sequence entities. What are the definitions and uses of the Element and Launch entity types? Are there any examples available?

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    Don Parker

    Hi Peter,

    "Element" is used by some of our FX clients to track the photographic material that comes back from a shoot, such as "reference" and "background plates", each of which are Element types.  Tasks on these can help move Elements from the drives they come in on, through the injestion process and then online for the rest of the studio to use.


    "Launch" is an entity used by some feature animation studio to group Shots that move down the pipeline together when Sequence doesn't cut it (you might hold some shots in a Sequence back that contain assets or effects that aren't ready yet, for example).


    As far as managing the workflow for approval, you may want to use "Versions", which can be created on Shots and Assets to represent each iteration that is going to be viewed in dailies / review.  We normally recommend keeping the task status as "IP" while the iterations are happening and useing statuses on Versions to help manage the review process.  Each Version has a parent Shot or Asset.  A page of Versions can be organized for any single review (filter on "pending review" status, for example).  Work can be reviewed, and notes can be taken on the Versions (which also get linked to the parent shot/asset automatically).  When a review is done, you can set the status to "viewed" unless they are finaled.  When a Version is finally "approved" or "finaled", you can then flip the Version status and the Task status to "final". 

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    We also now have an index of terms which includes many of the entity types referenced in Shotgun here https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/70202-shotgun-index-of-terms-and-concepts.

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