Is Milestone functionality detailed anywhere?

I want to get a handle on how the default Shotgun setup behaves with due dates, milestones etc. A search here has not returned anything relevant. Help?

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    Don Parker

    Hey Peter, I'm almost done with the scheduling docs.  But quickly - a "Milestone" is a single point in time without a work duration.  To create a milestone, create a Task and then check the "Milestone" field (add that column to a task page in list mode and check the box).  This then updates the behavior of the "Start", "End", and "Duration" fields:

    • "Start" and "End" are kept in sync.  Update one and the other updates.
    • "Duration" is always set to 0  (whereas a task with the same Start and End date will have a 1 day duration)

    The display of the font color for milestones is updated to blue, and the gantt icon is changed from a rectangle to a diamond.

    Otherwise, MIlestones behave the same as Tasks.

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    Peter Devlin

    Thanks Do, I've got my head around that. Next stop for me is filters for incomplete Tasks approaching a Certain milestone :)

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    Here's a link to the documentation that covers milestones: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/219031228-Gantt-Chart-and-Tasks

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