Using the "Scene" entity in place of the "Sequence" entity


In our Naming convention we refer to Scenes rather then Sequences. I tried turning on "use Scenes" but that seems to be an addon field and not a replacement for Sequences right ? So my try was simply editing the displayname for Sequences in the prefs. That works for some things (Add Tooltip says "New scene" and  when there is no Sequence it says "Learn how to create a Scene") but the header and navigation Links still show "sequences"



You can rename entities as you figured out, but you are right there are some places that don't get renamed automatically.  For most entities, that is the main field for the entity, such as Sequence Code.  To edit that, go to the Fields page in the Admin area, find that field, then click the pencil next to the name and edit.

However, Sequence and Scene are special and have extra UI in places that have some loose ends when renaming.  That nav area is one.  I'd recommend instead turning OFF the Sequence entity and turning ON the Scene entity.  You can do that in the site prefs (http://*.shotgunstudio.com/preferences docs here).  Then you'll want to make two other changes:

  1. Turn the preference called "navigate_shots_by_scene" to "yes".  This updates the nav widget on the shots pages to look for scenes instead of sequences.
  2. Turn the preference called "summarize_shot_statuses_to_scene" to "yes".  This causes our task status summary fields to work on Scenes.


That should do it.  We will work to automate this as we continue to polish and refactor how the Entities and their names work.

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    Marten Coombe

    How about having nested scenes in larger sequences? Sound odd? We have a project currently we we have lumped related scenes into sequences and are wondering if we can have the logic Sequence ->Scene_Shot?



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    Peter Devlin

    From the Shotgun POV what is the distinction between Scene and Sequence?

    This came up yesterday in discussion as we tend to work with Scene -> Shot structure. I don't want to make an assumption here and later find it to be incorrect.

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    Isaac Reuben

    Within Shotgun, Scene and Sequence both functionally work the same way, and are meant for grouping sets of shots together.  Both have some built in functionality to summarize all the shot tasks up to the Scene/Sequence level, and either can be used on the Shot detail pages to navigate.  Most of our clients are only using one or the other.  Some clients were making the distinction that Scenes are the way to group shots based on the script, and Sequences are the way to group shots as editorial sees them (which usually starts out the same as Scenes, but evolves over time, and not just as a meta grouping of Scenes, but as a slicing and dicing of different parts of Scenes).  But there is nothing inherent in Shotgun that makes that sort of distinction -- we just see them as two different options for grouping up shots.

    My advice: use one and turn the other one off.

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