Anyone looking for help on a shotgun related coding project?

After running a shotgun DB on Immortals (feature film) and learning a little Python to hack some custom scripts together I decided to take some Python classes to get my skills up to where I wanted them to be. Now I'm getting to the end of the classes and looking for some practical projects to contribute to...

So, if you are working on something cool that could use a little help and you're able to use outside, volunteer, help - I'd love to hear about it. I haven't jumped into PyQt yet but I should be solid on the logic and debugging side.



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    Jonas Drehn

    hey Tom - we are building some interesting python shotgun stuff that we like to share with the community aswell and could for sure benefit from some help. Shout me a email at jonas@baconcph.com and I can tell you more.



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    Kym Watts

    Hey Tom,


    Im working on an all volunteer shot film called ThemGreeks, website here:


    If you have a few hours a week and would like to help out with the pipeline / coding side send me a mail:





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