API2 End of life... coming in v2.0

end.jpgAfter months of extending its lease on life, we'll be officially removing API2 from Shotgun code in the v2.0 release which is currently scheduled for release in the beginning of June. This means that any scripts that are using API2 will no longer work once you upgrade to Shotgun v2.0.  

How do I know which version of the API we are using?

API3 is our default version, the one that is fully documented, and is being used by most of our clients. Any studio that has started using Shotgun in the past year is using API3 so not to worry. If you are on a hosted plan (and we haven't contacted you), you're in the clear. API2 was an older version of the API that only a handful of studios may still be using as they have legacy scripts depending on it. 


Crap, we're using API2... how do we get ready for API3?

API3 was built to be largely backwards compatible with API2, but there are some changes. We've documented the main changes on this page for you to use as reference when migrating your scripts. As always, if you get stuck, just email us at support@shotgunsoftware.com and we'll help you out. And API3 has been available for a while now so you can easily use your current server(s) for testing.

Click here to see how to migrate your scripts to API3


We don't have enough time to update all of our scripts by June!

We know you're all very busy with deadlines and playing on your new iPads. Since this is primarily an issue for you older installed clients who schedule your own upgrades, you can choose to hang back on v1.13 until you've done your testing and you're ready to make the jump. 


What's so cool about API3?

Well... it's a bigger number for one. We completely rewrote our API so it's now directly tied to the CRUD controller in Shotgun. This means it's more reliable since it uses the same code that the web interface uses. The performance of API3 is also faster than API2 and includes new features like batch updating and deep linking (pulling in linked entity fields) which can save you from having to do lookup queries. We also provide some enhanced schema methods for working with fields in Shotgun, and well... we could go on and on, but just check out the docs for yourself https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/forums/48807/entries. We've got some more ideas in the pipe so smoke up johnny!

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    Hugh Macdonald

    Shotgun v2.0 in June? Sounds exciting :D

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    Don Parker

    2.0 is scheduled to hit June 14th, which is also flag day in the US.  No connection though.  More details on 2.0 goodness to come...

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