"Closed Notes Count" column with popup


Is there a way of displaying closed notes the same way we can see open notes with the “Open Notes Count” column (with the popup)? I like using that column to display the notes in a filterable and neat way within an overall shots page, but it only works on open notes. I’d like to have it display the closed notes as well.

The reasoning behind it is that I would like my artists to close notes when they are done addressing them, but production/Supervisors still need an easy way to see them (in Screening Room, in project pages, etc…)

Right now, the only place I can see closed notes is within the Notes tab of a shot (that I know of).

In other words, I’d like to duplicate the “Open Notes Count” column and popup mechanism and create a “Closed Notes Count”, and perhaps an “All Notes Count”.

Hopefully that makes sense! Let me know if there is another way perhaps?




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    Alexey Borzykh

    Hi, Annie

    You have to create your own query field(s) for closed/all notes on entity you like, that's it.

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    That works great! I didn't know about the query field, that opens up a lot of possibilities! Thanks Alexey, much appreciated.

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