Ability to specify the default shotgun server in RV from the command line.

We've got two shotgun servers (shotgun and shotgun-dev). When a user launches RV from inside any of our tools, we know which server they should be talking to. We would like a way, either with an environment variable or in the shotgun_fields_config_standard.mu (or even some other way) to specify which server RV should talk to at launch.

This is not about the initial selection of a server, where we can set RV_SHOTGUN_DEFAULT_SERVER_URL. But that only is used if the user has never authenticated to a shotgun server before. In our case, we will have users who have authenticated against both servers and we want to be able to specify which one RV is pointing to when it is launched.

This way, when someone launches our tools in dev mode, RV will default to looking in the right version of shotgun for its Versions, just like all our other in-house tools do.

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    Jesse Clemens

    This is related to the RV Screening Room functionality and what Shotgun server it is looking to when using that portion of the RV application.

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