Status based Notifications (ie: an actual review process)

Well, imagine you were an animation company. Now imagine you had animators and you had animation directors. Imagine when the animators finished a shot they changed the status from "Work in Progress" to "Ready for Review" and Shotgun sent a notification to the director so he could review that shot.

Do that. Do it now. Out of the box with a simple UI. Shame on you.


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    Alexey Borzykh

    Hi, Matthew,

    Here's a few ideas you can use for you needs what works out of the box:

    - animators should change status of the task, not of the shot, 'cos there are other tasks for the same shot assigned to other people and shot's status should represent the overal process on shot, rather than only animation/fx/compositing, e.t.s.
    - having a dedicated page for the Director showing "versions (linked to a shots) with status pending review" so he(she) could see the new versions coming in and after review he could change version status to 'approved' or 'needs revision' or any other you might come up with in your studio's pipeline.
    - if you want the Director to receive the inbox notifications whenever a version on shot is created you can make him to 'follow' she shots he has to be aware of. 


    - having at least one programmer is a must if you want to get the most of the SG's functionality for you needs as there are a LOT helpful automation you can do with the use of SG Event Daemond and SG API.

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    Matthew Brown

    Hi Alexey, thanks so much for your feedback and help - I really appreciate it.

    - Yes, I understand we need to change the status of a particular task not the overall shot

    - I'll relook at a Director page, thanks.

    - The "follow" option has to be done manually and also sends the director all the notifications on that shot so there is a huge unnecessary stream of information.

    We have a full time programmer who is working on other SG functionality, but I am talking to Shotgun about this as a feature request as it seems like one of the three most basic elements (Asset Tracking, Shot Tracking and Approvals). 

    Thanks again


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