Transfer attributes from one Shotgun instance to another


Would anyone else find it useful to be able to transfer certain things from one shotgun instance to another? Like some of you, we have more than one Shotgun instance and replicating Entities, Fields, Pages, Filters, etc. from one to another can be quite the endeavor. Say you've built a custom entity on one instance, with all the minutia that's associated with that, and it's decided that the same custom entity (along with all the goodies) should also exist on the other instance...because of reasons. Well, recreating all of that (depending on complexity) could be a real time-suck...not to mention the troubleshooting that could arise if there are event trigger associated with aspects of that Entity. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to package up that Entity, or whatever it is that you want to transfer, and replicate it within another instance? Imagine how terrific it would be to "share" things between instances as easily as you can "share" filters between users.

This request is similar to the one that Matt proposed here:




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