script for altering task dates

An option to run an on-demand once-off script on selected tasks to push start dates forward automatically to after the end date of 1 task, cascading down so that each task of a selected ID range on a page began after the previous one ends, in sequence.

Not to move towards the Project model of dependencies, but only to run ad hoc on demand from a button on UI.

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    Don Parker

    That's cool.  I've been thinking about the "alignment" features in graphic aps, where you can select a bunch of things and "right align", "center", etc.  We could do something similar, so you can "cascade", "right align" (move end dates to the earliest start), and "left align" (move start dates to earliest start).


    Similarly, we've been hearing requests to be able to apply an action on all tasks on a Shot or Asset (likely on the detail page) to schedule from either an end date or a start date.  That script would then need to use some type of dependency + offests.  Although maybe we could use the pipeline step order as well?

    I think you can do either of these through a custom gear menu item and our api... would be cool if someone had time to try that out!

    We'll be tackling scheduling updates later in the summer...

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