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We have a lot of tasks which apply to more than one shot.   Maybe we need a background plate that's used in several shots from the client.   Right now you can create a whole gaggle of duplicate tasks for each shot where the task would apply but you can't apply it to multiple shots or assets etc and by extension they don't all update simultaneously.

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    Hey Gavin,

    True we think of Tasks as a single unit of work applying to a single entity. So in your case, if you're tracking plates, what about linking the Tasto the Plate and then linking the Plate to multiple Shots. Would that work? If not, where does it fall apart?

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    Gavin Greenwalt

    That would work.  But what we like about shot level tasks is that we can see it all in one page with the pipeline steps. 

    It's also extra work to have to specifically create a plate just to track it with tasks.    We also have a lot of non-entity related tasks.  For instance we might need to get final copy for an ad.   We might need a decision on whether we're going with the warm or the cool color. Or we might need to get the name of fictitious building that we'll be replacing a sign on in the background.  I guess again in the last example we could create an element for "BG Sign" and apply tasks to it.   But at present you have to open a popup for linked pipeline asks.   We currently just group that kind of stuff as "client" tasks for our producers to track down with the clients. 

    Trying to think of other things that have come up in the past.  

    - What time all the clocks should be in multiple shots for continuity.  (http://gizmodo.com/5053734/how-many-google-phone-engineers-does-it-take-to-tell-the-time - That was my doing... oops!)  

    I guess it's mostly just for getting client information. 

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