Home Page and GTD


Following some of the GTD principles, we were thinking how would a Home Page become a distinct area compared to pages on the side-nav bar. (custom pages etc).


One of the ideas is to use the side-nace bar pages for overall managing of work (so pages for notes, tasks, etc geared toward having a clear idea of all work, viewed on different perspectives),

and then have the Home page be the area where an artist would keep track on work to execute.


Think of it as "Someday" and "today/Next" kinda thing.


We are considering to experiment with filtering and querying the available widgets for the home page for this. The idea is to show

only relevant data to "This week". Or maybe "Tomorrow".


For example:

Notes, on things due this week.

Tasks due this today

Shots and Asset data for the ones due this week



If this sounds interesting, we can send over a brief description of what this queries / filters would be for each wdget currently available on the Home Page.





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    Don Parker

    Hi Jordi, definitely send over the queries you are thinking about and any ideas on UI changes or additional widgets.  We're working on the framework under the hood here that will soon let you completely redesign and customize the Home page and other pages like it.  So now's a great time for brainstorming!

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