Make "Cancel" a button instead of a link

Just a minor aesthetic change: On dialogs, make "Cancel" a button like the "Apply" button, instead of the current text link. Make the buttons look different, so it's visually clear which is the accept button and which is the cancel -- but having one be a button and one be a link seems odd...


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    Isaac Reuben

    Hey Joe,

    The thinking behind the "cancel" option not being a button is that all too often people click a cancel button accidentally, when meaning to click on the positive button (Save, Apply, etc), and lose the work.  The "cancel" link looks a lot different, so takes some extra thought, which is good in this case.  Cancel is *rarely* used, but you do need that option just in case. 


    - Isaac

    (Btw, just noticed ZenDesk does this too... "[ Save comment ] or cancel"). =)

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