Unretire saved page views

I don't know how realistic this is, but I've had the request so I'll pass it along.  Occasionally people's pages get deleted and they want to bring them back.  Usually it's not too big a deal to recreate the filters and column config, but it would save some time in certain situations to have an unretire interface like you have with entities.

I'm guessing that pages are not actually retired, they are just deleted, but if they are kept around in the database in some form, it would be nice to be able to bring them back to life.

Short of this, I'd love to get some better event tracking around the creation/editing/deletion of pages.  Then at least we could see who deleted the pages that go missing. ;)



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    Isaac Reuben

    Hey Tommy,

    We absolutely want to be able to both unretire pages that have been deleted, and track history of changes on a page (who changed it and when).  Originally we were thinking of pages as not as important as the *data*, but in actual usage they are more similar, and changes to pages need to be tracked just like for changes to the values in fields.  This feature is on our short list, but hasn't been scheduled yet.


    - Isaac

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