Shortcuts in Nav Folders and/or 'Favorites' Pages

It would be great to be able to make shortcuts in the left nav to existing pages from other folders.  For instance, each department has a page that they use for reporting minutes finaled each week.  It would be useful for the Producers to have a folder with links to each dept's quota report page, rather than having to bookmark them all or search for them in different folders or create duplicate pages with the same filters.

An extension of this functionality would be to be able to tag a page as one of your 'Favorites', and have it show up either in your My Pages or in another nav area right under My Pages.  This would be another way to allow users to gather pages from multiple disciplines in one place for quick reference.

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    Don Parker

    Tommy, I think that's a great idea.  We've been hearing that always forking pages when you save them is not always right because they don't update when the main page updates.  We have this on our left nav redeux list.  (ticket sg5651)

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