Multiple links in Event Log Summary

the event log is a big selling point for us.  for it to be useful you need a direct link to the Who and Link fields, but adding these as columns ends up cluttering the interface and causing a lot of redundant info to be displayed, since the summary already tells me the user and the linked entity.  it would be best to have these different hyperlinks contained within the event summary itself.  for example, currently the entire summary is a link to the event:

Brent Hensarling changed "Rig Status Summary" from "fin" to "hld" on Asset RaceCar

but this long label could contain three links instead of just one. the first is a link to the user, the second is the link to the event, and the third is a link to the asset:

Brent Hensarling changed "Rig Status Summary" from "fin" to "hld" on Asset RaceCar

now there's no need to have the other columns and no redundant info.

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    Don Parker

    That's a cool idea.  We can also set the "ID" column to be a direct link to the event detail page to add a bit more clarity about how to drill in to details on the event (I think I'd be a bit confused at first about where "changed "Rig Status Summary" from "fin" to "hld"" would take me, though I'm sure I'd learn quickly.)

    What about this layout?


    I put the ID first as a link to the detail page, followed by who & link fields, and then the Summary field with the link turned off so it's easier to read.  I suppose that's still pretty cluttered, but maybe an improvement?

    I've logged your idea in our internal system as ticket 8120

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    Chad Dombrova

    ah, i was wondering how to enable/disable links. cool.

    i think we could work within the current boundaries of the app if we had an additional "partial summary" column, that displayed something like:

    changed "Rig Status Summary" from "fin" to "hld"

    then we could arrange the columns to create the general effect of what I was asking for: ID, Who, PartialSummary, Link


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    Jennifer Duncan

    Is there a way to disable links? I don't want artists to always be able to click the "entity link" and it take them to a new page.

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