Quicker way to add fields

I am adding about 20 new fields to an entity.  Would be nice if I could do that easily in one dialogue instead of one at a time (PHPmyAdmin-style).  Now I have to hit the "+column" icon and do it one field at a time.  (Unless I'm missing something.)

Something to consider especially when custom entity creation is rolled out.


EDIT: Attaching screengrab


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    Don Parker

    What are you imagining the UI would look like for that?  I can't remember how phpmyadmin does this.  Note that we're planning to add more options to the new field dialog, such as permissions, so we'll have to keep that in mind when putting together a multi-field add-a-licious tool.

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    Pliny (John Eremic)

    Just a single page to create multiple new fields in one shot.  I'll email you a screengrab or attach it to the original message since I can't seen to attach one to a reply here.  (Feature request for Zendesk, hehe.)

    The screengrab also shows some other database and typing options I'd love to have.  Autoincrement and Unique I've already made some noises about; there's also zerofill, and a "decimal" type that is neither integer nor float.

    Today I was adding about 30 fields to an entity.  Right now that takes too many clicks.  Also had back-track, right-click -> Configure Field for each new one to double check that I had always remembered to select the correct data type.  (I had not, easy to screw up that way.)

    I'm sure a web 2.0 interface could do a much better job that creaky ol' PHPmyAdmin.


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    Gavin Greenwalt


    Something just like the import shots page.  But without requiring me to load up excel to do it.

    I just had to enter 20 odd shots myself and found it incredibly tedius. 

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