Can we bring back the current filter display?

In previous verions of Shotgun you would be told at a glance whaf filters applied to the current page (e.g. "Shot is ZZ001_002"), whereas this information is not visible any more (you have to open up the filters popup to see it - which, incidentally, could do with a keyboard shortcut like "q" for query or something!)


Is there any way this feature could be brought back? Maybe use some of that free space on the Universal Toolbar?

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    Isaac Reuben

    We removed the display of the queries because often people had pages with complicated queries, and it was confusing to have that visible all the time (particularily for people who are not usually the ones configuring pages), as well as because we wanted to make the universal toolbar would work "universally" so it didn't always have to take up a lot of space.  But I agree that some times that display was really helpful!  We might be able to do something like you suggest, and have that query button expand out and show more details of the query according to the space that is available.

    And I agree about the keyboard command to access it.

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    Joe Frayne

    One idea here that I think would be easy and might help a bit with what I think Andy is looking for (making it clear that you're looking at filtered data!):

    If a visible column is being filtered in any way, show a little filter icon in that column header, or shade the header, or both, the way you do with a sorted column.

    It would make even more sense if coupled with my suggestion about being able to change filters straight from the column header right-click menu:



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