importing time logs

I've been trying to bulk import time logs via the right click "Import Time Logs" option from our company's Global Time Logs page.  I've successfully been able to paste Excel data and get most of the columns recognized.  However, I can't seem to figure out what sort of data the "Link" column wants.

It doesn't seem to be either of the things in the "Link" or "Link > Task > Link" columns that are in the csv format files exported by Shotgun.  (These are, respectively:  a task name like "Matte Painting" and a shot name.)  It doesn't seem to be the task ID as found at the end of the URL for the specific task page.  I even tried a JSON-looking thing like {"type" : "Matte Painting, "id" :  1234}, with no luck.

How should  I specify the task for each time log line, when pasting Excel data into the Import Time Log interface?

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    Rosalie Hansen

    Timelogs link to tasks, but if you have the same task names with different links, it won't know which link to attach it to.  The way I solved it is by adding an extra entity field to timelogs for what I needed, in this case Shots. When importing, I linked to the task name, and also to the new shot field, and the data imported correctly. I think timelogs should have more default connections, not just link to tasks.

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