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If someone accidentally archives a Shotgun Project, how can we track which user did it or what command led to it? It feels like a fundamental thing to be present but cant find the option anywhere. Does anyone know where this information is located? 



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    Brandon Foster 공식 댓글

    Hi Sumesh,

    The act of archiving a Project is, under the hood, just a checkbox field on the Project entity.

    From your Projects page, click the Active Projects dropdown and select "Manage Projects." That will take you to a regular list page of all your Projects. Expose the Archived field then right-click in the cell of the Project you'd like to audit and select "View Archived History." This will pop open a window showing all the events for that field which should include any user who has toggled it on/off.

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    sumesh kumar

    Hi Brandon, Thanks a lot that works great. 

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