Integrate externally delivered assets in Shotgun / Pipeline Toolkit

Hi there,

we are just starting out using pipeline toolkit and am struggling a bit: Is there any easy/fast way to integrate assets that were delivered to us? My feeling is that this should be quite simple and straight forward but I cannot find any articles in the docs.
Specifically we have a bunch of 3D models we will use in our pipeline but a more general approach that applies to any externally created assets would be great. So basically I want to

- Integrate the assets into shotgun, linked to their corresponding shots/tasks
- move them to the appropriate location in the shotgun-scheme on our fileserver so all artists have access


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    Hannes Reindl

    Hi Julian


    Toolkit has a perforce implementation so you can do that with perforce if you want to.




    If you are searching for another solution 3 years ago when i used toolkit we had a solution with dropbox in place where the folder of the asset basically was shared via dropbox with the artist, but there have been some issues with that.

    Because even if the topic may seem easy there is a little bit more to it, since you have a pipeline with workflows and rules you definitely don't want to simply throw a file into it before checking it.

    How started doing this then before we had our system in place, was that artists did send stuff via the ftp and our asset supervisors did check the files before they did put it into the file system.

    Since shotgun toolkit is highly customize able it should not be a big problem to write an asset importer the supervisor (or whoever does it) could then use to put files into place.


    hope this helps.




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