Launch python app from tk-desktop YAML configuration


I am trying to find reference for when you wish to add an app to tk-desktop menu when the app is a python based Qt app and not executable?

For executables, the YAML syntax is more straightforward in app_launchers.yml, paths.yml, and project.yml (for instance), but what is standard approach for launching a custom python app? 

I suppose I could just launch python.exe with flags but something seems off to me there. 

Specifically I am trying to launch this fork of the tk-multipublish app which is an engine (also?): https://github.com/hasielhassan/tk-agnostic-publish

- Thanks!

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    Mois Moshev

    One easy way to achieve this would be to create a .bat file that calls python with the necessary arguments.

    Another is to create an executable for the app, e.g. with py2exe (don't know if this is applicable in your case).

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