toolkit config from git repo, and hard coding of project paths

Sorry if this is a double post - I just tried posting and the web gui didn't give me any feedback as to the result, it took me back to the forum and I couldn't see my post.  


Following the example in this blog, I am using a single git repository to manage a config across multiple projects.  

However a problem I have encountered is that these two files seem to be localised to the project:

config/core/install_location.yml (this also contains the config location)



install_location.yml example:

Linux: '/path/to/my/project/toolkit/config/Primary'


pipeline_configuruation.yml example:

{pc_id: 123, pc_name: Primary, project_id: 456, project_name: myProject, published_file_entity_type: PublishedFile, use_shotgun_path_cache: true}


This is causing me a headache because every project using that git repo for config will have to modify those files and then avoid pushing them to the remote repo.  


Is there some "project" variable I can use instead?




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