Creating a "review grid"

Hi Everyone,

A supervisor on one of our shows likes to track shots moving through the animation pipeline using Premiere.

Basically he will view a cut in Premiere. Each cut is comprised of shots. Underneath the cut will be multiple timelines ordered from top to bottom by pipeline steps. Composite is the final step and is located at the top. Layout will be the first step and is located at the bottom. The steps in between are Rough, Secondary, etc.

Each of these timelines will be comprised of the most recent versions of each shot. In fact, the timelines will have black spots because some steps will not have been started. The result is a grid that allows the supervisor to quickly track how far along the pipeline certain shots are.

Can this be replicated in Shotgun? I have been reading the docs, and I see pieces of what he wants. You can play through a cut with the review tools, but you cannot stack timelines. You can create a page with information about cuts, versions, tasks, and pipeline steps. However, you cannot play through that. Maybe the Playlist page can somehow be modified?

Anyway, if this feature can be added, that would be really appreciated.  I have attached a mockup to make sure we are on the right page.

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