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We are a games company using Shotgun to track assets going through the outsourcing process. A single asset is actually a small collection of files (mesh, textures and so on).  We want to build up tracking data for future scheduling use. and we want to track the number of times any particular asset has gone through the feedback loop for each step in the production process.

Using a 'version' doesn't seem to work as uploading multiple files per asset creates multiple versions each time.

 I mean we could have a column item with a revision number that gets updated manually but that seems , dunno, inelegant? 

We have a "feedback given" status, so there should be a number somewhere of how many times that has been set?  

Presumably we may need to write a plugin for that or is there some better out-of-the-box way do doing this? 

Any help gratefully received

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for your question! Two of our pipeline engineers, Jeff and Josh, explored this question in their "Two Guys and a Toolkit" series, specifically in week 4:


    At the heart of it they're using the Toolkit's Published File entities to track all the work files, then grouping them together for logical iterations (e.g. one Published File parent will reference multiple children Published Files like the Mesh, Texture, Rig, etc). The article goes into much greater detail, but that is the simple one sentence summary ;-).

    If you follow their method, you could then just do a count of how many master/parent Published File records there are linked to the Asset. Alternatively you could query the Event Logs for the number of times your status field flipped to the "feedback given" status to get a count that way.

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    Drew Northcott

    Thanks for the reply Brandon,

    That's great.  I don't think we can use the Published File (much as I'd like to) as some of our vendors seem to be using _very_ old versions of Max, but the Event Log route sounds promising, so I'll look at that first.




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