Auto Update on Task Status Field

We have a problem on our production in which artists are frequently forgetting to set their task to "Ready for Review" after each Version upload. As a result, some time has usually passed before we discover the slip.

Is there a way to tie the Status field to a Version upload? Are there any tricks that people can recommend for avoiding this blind spot?

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your question! Many of our clients make use of the Shotgun [Event Daemon](https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/shotgunEvents) to perform actions like this. Each action you perform within Shotgun generates events. This daemon will watch those events and can trigger the launch of a script based on rules you define. For example: When a user creates a new Version the daemon recognizes the event, a script is launched to look at the value of the Version.sg_task field, then changes that Task's status to "Ready for Review."

    The daemon repo has a number of [example scripts](https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/shotgunEvents/tree/master/src/examplePlugins) which will help get you started writing your own. In the future we would like to have this sort of functionality exist as something you can set up and configure within the web UI, but for the time being the event daemon has worked very well for automations such as this.

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