Emails to users about their own actions?

Is there a shotgun-side way to prevent users from getting email notifications about actions they perform themselves? For example: my team gets emails for task updates, but if an artist (for example) changes the "status" field on a task, he or she gets an email notifying them about the action they just performed themselves. I know we can set up email filters in our email client to filter this kind of notification, but I want to see if there's a Shotgun-side way to prevent those from going out.

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    Christopher Stack

    I'm looking for this too. I can't filter on my email side (gmail), because the from email is just "no-reply@shotgunstudio.com" - even though the from field includes my name, you can't filter by that part of the "from" address, just the email. And obviously I don't want to affect all emails from SG.

    It would be awesome to simply set this on the SG side that I don't need email updates of stuff that I do.

    >>> UPDATE: You *can* filter these messages in gmail, just isn't done quite how you'd expect. Although you can't filter by "From" field with your name, you can filter by the "Has the words" field. I'd tried this originally with:

    Christopher Stack (via Shotgun) <noreply@shotgunstudio.com>

    and that didn't work. That's because, if you view the original raw email text, the actual line is this:

    From: "Christopher Stack (via Shotgun)" <noreply@shotgunstudio.com>

    Yes, you need to include the quotes (if you're going to include the whole phrase - which I wanted to do to make the filter as narrow as possible). Once I did that the filter worked like a charm. :)

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