export/import function for pages/projects - any news?

There were already two topics in the feature request section, but very old and nothing happened.

Since I worked in a company with 500+licences of shotgun and lots of producers had the same opinion about this topic (we need it!), I wanted to check with you guys about this. Is there a plan to make this possible or is this feature request declined?

To remember the request and make clear the details:

- is it possible to export/import pages within the same shotgun server including the culumn structure & formatting from/to pages of the same entity

And additionally:

Is it possible to export/import a complete project template from one server to another (yes different use case and effort).

Thank you very much for your help!

Caroline (btw: I can't change my profile here - for whatever reason. always crashes when clicking on "edit my profile")

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    Brandon Foster 공식 댓글

    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your question and expressed interest in these features. The short answer is yes and no, but more detailed answers to follow:

    While not possible to explicitly export/import a single page setting onto another, there are different ways to duplicate and share Pages between Projects on a site.

    1. Click the page button > Save Page As. You can then save a copy of that page and move it from one Project to another.
    2. Use the Project Configuration settings. With these you can copy the page settings (detail, project navigation, and custom pages) from one Project to another.

    We currently don't have a way to export a Project template from one site to another. Currently Project templates are just a normal Project with a checkbox field turned on. They contain a lot of settings which store information about which entities are exposed, which fields, statuses, and pipeline steps, all of which are reliant on the underlying database schema for that site. As it stands right now there's no guarantee the schemas will be exactly the same between two Shotgun sites.

    That all being said I have heard interest expressed by some of our team to investigate this sort of functionality in the future. It would require a reengineering of how we store and express the sort of information that defines a Project so it won't be a small thing if we ultimately do decide to pull the trigger.

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