How to access page without login

Hi, I am a developer and new to Shotgun and English.

When I have already logged in, how can I access a specific page without login screen?

I have logged in Shotgun with Chrome web browser. And I have created a shortcut of windows widget, then I have set the shortcut to show my Shot pages in Shotgun, for example, http://mystudio.shotgunstudio.com/detail/Shot/1234. But Shotgun asked me for users account again before going to pages I want.

Once users have logged in some websites which need to log in with users account and have not closed browsers yet, then the users can access specific pages they want anytime without login screen also?

That's funny but I have succeeded to enter the pages in Shotgun without login screen by using a new tab on my web browser. However, the windows shortcut or my applications for accessing to Shotgun are failed.

Could I have any ideas to solve my problems?

Thank you.


* I am using Google Chrome web browser and Microsoft Windows 7.

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    Andrew Lawrence 공식 댓글

    Hi Kyunghoon,

    Thank you for writing in, I've opened a ticket for you about this on our support site. One of our support team will take a look and reach out to you ASAP.



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