References management

Hello SG team,

We would like to consult you with a shotgun requirement form our team, please feel free to let us know whether there is already a SG feature addressing this need.

We are a film VFX studio and just started migrating our data and communication management to Shotgun.

At the moment we need to solve our need to handle the files we share across the team as look/art references.

We found there is a repository of files that can be linked to different instances as well as the media tab where images and videos are found and can be commented and noted with drawings on the frames.

As you sure know reference files should be related or linked to different entities such as sequences, shots, assets and even other files. In several ways they behave as an asset in the sense that they relate to other things but also they need to be noted upon like these media files.

We sould like to know wether this solution already exists or it's a feature that could be added to the platform.

Looking forward for your feedback

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