Options for Replying inside Shotgun, to Client Notes for Permission Groups with "Can see Client Notes" on

We've heard from some of you that it would be great to control the ability to reply to a client note.  Maybe you have a Lead Artist who you'd like to see the client note, but not be able to respond from within Shotgun.  

Vote up the topic to show your support!  Feel free to add additional comments on how you'd like to see this implemented.

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    Colin Lowry

    As a coordinator, I might want to allow an artist to see a client's annotations so that that artist is not waiting on client notes to be populated into the activity stream by a user assigned with a higher level permission group. And that's possible with selecting "Can see client notes" as a custom permission parameter, but it turns out that if you activate that the artist with that custom permission can also reply to client notes.

    If the text next to the checkbox was "Can see and reply to client notes" instead of "Can see client notes" that would work for me. It seems like a vulnerability if a studio believes a user can see, but not reply to client notes.... 

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