Viewing task and latest version status in the same view?

I'm working with a vendor who is doing about 165 tasks for us currently. My lead who is doing feedback is updating version statuses, but isn't updating task status accordingly.

Aside from working with the lead to get him to start doing this, is there a way to view a series of tasks (say, filtered by "assigned to") that can show both the task status, and the status of the latest version?

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    Matt Welker 공식 댓글

    Hi Sean,

    Yes, you can do that. What I would do is start from the Version and look up into the linked Task status. Here's what I did:

    Hit the big Plus [+] button in the upper right and select Page to create a new Page.

    Give it a name and select Version as the Entity type. I left Project blank to make it a global Page - as opposed to only having visibility on a single Project. You can filter for specific Projects later if you like.

    Add Column ->  Linked Fields -> Task -> Status

    This is a great opportunity to use the 'Latest' checkbox in the menu next to the Version Search box.



    This shows the use of the Latest checkbox and the statuses:



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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Sean,

    Good question! In case you want to automate this you have a couple of options:

    1. You can utilize the Shotgun Event Daemon to create a script that will automatically change Task statuses based on the status of their associated Versions.
    2. Create a Query Field on the Task entity to query for, and display, the Latest Version's status.

    If you need to see both statuses side-by-side then the query field, or Matt's suggestion may be the way to go.

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    John Roxenhed



    That's a great trick!

    I tried Matt's method, but I can't see any linked tasks. I have to manually enter the task for this to work. How can we get that linked automatically?


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    Matt Welker

    Hi John,

    Best practices are to make sure that the Tasks are linked at Version creation time. Then it will all be hooked up automatically. Let us know if that works for you.



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    John Roxenhed

    Ok, thanks Matt. I'll try to hook that up in our version creation script.


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