Add dividers to AMI folders

We have a lot of AMIs, so we organize them into folders, but that's not enough. We need a way to sub-divide them further. Sub-folders would be great, but dividers would also solve most of our problems. We CAN make FAKE dividers now (image attached), by setting an AMI entity's "Title" field to "--------------", or ------- SOME CATEGORY -------", but of course that shows up as a CLICKABLE item in the AMI folder list. It'd be nice if we could make those divider entries non-clickable, or have you folks add them in a fancier way. Might be a quick add w/lots of value :)


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    Romain Tily

    I hope it'll be updated soon.

    The solution that we're using at the moment is to link our AMI to a form page,so we can have as much user settings / customization as we want without it resulting in a long and difficult to use list.