Edit Notes under Activity Tab, add a button to Edit

The feature I'm requesting used to exist before AutoDesk took over and changed the interface.  Under the 'Activity Tab' for a shot, you could easily edit a note here,  moving your mouse over the note would reveal 'Edit'.

You can't do this anymore.  Now you need to select the top right 3 dots, click 'View Note Details', load this page, then you can edit the note.  This is a very time consuming process where it doesn't need to be.

I edit my notes under Activity tab because under the note tab when i'm editing notes, I'm unable to 'Shift+Enter' to move a space down.  This is also something I think that should be implemented.  It is annoying having to hit space a whole bunch of times to get the same effect.


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    Sorry for the trouble here, Quinn. This is actually a regression, and we'll push out a fix in an upcoming release.