Link to Local Folder

I know that it is possible to reference local files in Shotgun. But what I'd like to do is having a link to a local folder, so that I the user can click the link in Shotgun and have the systems file-explorer opening the path. 

Is this possible or planned? 

Today I just put the path as text and the users copy-paste it. 



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    Tony Aiello

    Hi, you can create a "File/Link" field to store a filepath, or a or "URL Template" field if you can "calculate" the filepath from other metadata fields on the entity in question.  Those types of fields render as clickable links.  They would open in a browser window if you use the usual 'http://' or 'https://' protocol prefix when you set their value (presumably programmatically).  Using the "file:///" protocol prefix for your links should theoretically open into Explorer on Windows, though there are probably a bunch of security settings you'll have to adjust.  You could also create a custom protocol like "explorer://" or something that you could map to an application of your choice.  Actually you'll probably have to adjust security settings in your browser anyway; Firefox and Chrome both typically disallow local-links by default.

    Note that File/Link and URL Template fields are a bit less sort-able / filter-able / search-able than text links.

    I'm not sure if it's still supported, but in the past you could also embed http into Text fields e.g. enter the text '<a href="file:///pathspec_here">your_link_text_here</a>' but 1) that's pretty ugly and 2) I believe you'd have to have Shotgun Support enable a legacy-allow-html-embedding setting on your site.