Connecting source Node to RVFoldergroup Node

Hi, I am looking for a way in python to create a folder structure using RVFoldergroup with a number of source nodes inside. 


I create a folder like this:

folder = commands.newNode('RVFolderGroup', 'Folder')

and I would like put this source 'sourceGroup000000_source' inside the folder

Not sure how to achieve this. Can someone help me out...

Thanks, Felix


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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Felix,


    You can get the source into the group by setting the SourceGroup as an input to the FolderGroup.


    For instance, you can do this:


    # First turn our sources into SourceGroup nodes.
    sourceGroups = [commands.nodeGroup(i) for i in sources]

    # Next, set the FolderGroup node to have all the SourceGroup nodes as inputs.
    commands.setNodeInputs(folder, sourceGroups)

    That should set you up to have sources in the folder.