Multiple Paths to .RV file (automatically)


I'm using RV on MacOS. I have list in text format of paths to several folders that each contain .EXR image sequences.

Is there any simple way to load all these sequences into RV instantly? Can it be somehow converted to .rv file maybe? Can I drag .txt with paths into RV?

Currently, I'm opening folder one by one and dragging one of .EXR into RV. Once all dragged, I can save session as .rv. But it is a waste time.

Any help or ideas how this can be speed up?

Thank you!


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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Lev!

    While there are a lot of ways to solve that problem, that shouldn't be too hard if you are willing to go to the command line.  I'm going to have to make some assumption about the format of your txt file, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm going to assume that the text file is one line per folder like this:



    If that's the case, on the command line, you can run RV with all these paths with a tiny bit of shell magic.  If I'm in the current directory of the txt file (which I'll pretend is called `folder_listing.txt`) I can run the following in the OSX terminal which will pass each folder as an argument to a new RV session:

    cat folder_listing.txt |xargs /Applications/RV64.app/Contents/MacOS/RV64


    To understand what that does, let's break it down into a few parts. 

    cat folder_listing.txt

    That just prints out all the lines of the shell


    The pipe (or vertical bar) will take all printed text and pass it to the next command.

    xargs /Applications/RV64.app/Contents/MacOS/RV64

    The xargs does all the magic.  It runs the command given while adding the passed in text as arguments.  So effectively each line in the text file becomes an argument to RV.  This is equivalent to running:

    /Applications/RV64.app/Contents/MacOS/RV64 /demo_content/hsm_demo_media/HSM/HSM_JRUN_0070/ /demo_content/hsm_demo_media/HSM/HSM_JRUN_0090/ /demo_content/hsm_demo_media/HSM/HSM_SATL_0060/


    Once you do that and all the files open, you can save out your session file for future use. 




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    magical !

    thank you so much, Michael ! i will use this solution.


    p.s. in nuke there is a good option to paste text of the path that makes it read node. even if you paste few paths copied as text - nuke will make all of them read nodes. would be cool to have rv loading text paths as elements as well. it is just a proposed functionality.