Task status list configurable per link entity type


A small annoyance that has been arising more often in our studio and shotgun configuration is that Task entities all share a common sg_status_list. As Tasks are linked to many different entity types, it seems there is need to have a unique sg_status_list per link entity type.
If we had this flexibility it would allow us to display relevant statuses as each Task/Step needs more than the generic rdy, ip, cmp.
Sometimes we can break up the Tasks into multiple Tasks/Steps when there are very clear separations of work, however there are cases where this is more management for production and having an additional status to reflect the stage a particular task is at would suffice.
It's a constant struggle to name Tasks statuses in a generic manner so they can be used in more than one case across multiple entity types and avoid creating noise in the list drop down.
If you could see your configuration benefiting from this +1 this post!