missing rv.commands.py

I am using CentOs 6.9 and we do have RV linux package installed, But I am unable to find or see rv.commands.py file under ~./plugins/python/rv

Please let me know the installation process for RV. I have already downloaded the RV7.2 Linux Build from net.  


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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Devottam,


    The rv.commands is not a native python package, but rather a module that is provided from the compiled RV application.  Therefore you will not find it on disk.  rv.commands therefore is only available within the RV runtime environment.


    If you want an interactive experience with a python console, I recommend using the Toolkit python console that is available under the Tools menu after SG Review is initialized.




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    Devottam Dutta

    Thanks a Ton MK, I am new to SG and RV. will going to ask you more questions and suggestions.