Resource tracker view for micro scheduling


At my company, despite using Shotgun to track tasks and preview dailies, we still do the bulk of the scheduling in excel because we find it's quicker. In Shotgun we can create task views and resource views, but is there any way to combine both like you can see in the screenshot below? It's extremely easy/quick for us to micro-schedule tasks using that "resource" tracker chart at the bottom, because while you are assigning or swapping tasks, you can immediately see who in the team is free/overallocated/etc. Maybe you already have something like this in Shotgun and we are simply not aware of how to use it. Can you please advise? 


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    Nephi Sanchez 正式なコメント

    Hi Laura,



    We don't have this yet, but we definitely want to get something like this in Shotgun, thanks for posting!