Frame not redrawing

I'm seeing some very strange RV behavior. (Version 7.2.1).  We have an InputFormat that reads a custom file format.  It is controlled by several Environment Variables.  Our use-case is; we want to change the EVs, and then Force a Reload of the current frame, and we expect the frame to be updated.

What we are seeing is, although the 'readImage' method is being called in our InputFormat, and it is, in turn, calling 'setPixel3f' on every pixel in the frame buffer, the RV visible image remains unchanged.

We've tried numerous methods to get the frame to refresh including executing 'clearAllButFrame' and resetting the Cache Mode, but nothing seems to work.  Is there a secret way to get RV to update it's display?


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    Steve Booth

    I should add... we are causing the frame to reload by calling rv.commands.reload()