Managing multiple artists per pipeline step

Hey guys,

So we have been using Shotgun for some time - but there is one aspect that we never really addressed very well but I think is probably simple to solve if time permitted. How to best to handle multiple artists contributing to an singular pipeline step? It always came up once underway and no time to address it properly. Nothing on Shotgun site or demos really imply or consider this requirement it seenms. With a fixed naming convention and a name field (eg: bob_model_v001_artist.ma) for the artist to split working files, artists have been able to somewhat achieve this but it's not great.

Could one implement <task> into the Folder Schema easily enough?

I would think this would also help in the shot context too where we might have many FX tasks, eg. fluidsim, spark, smoke, etc - without the work space all pointing to the same location on disk and in the same project.

Would love to just hear on thoughts and approaches other Shotgun users are using to make sharing the work more straightforward with potentially simple tweaks to naming templates and schema before looking into it further.

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    Matt Plummer

    You can definitely add task to the schema pretty easily - you just have to make sure that the schema uses task as a dir name rather than simply a part of a filename, otherwise it won't get picked up and Toolkit will complain the field hasn't been provided.

    You can go even further and add artist specific folders too. We're not doing it here, but there's no reason you couldn't specific a folder as having {Step}/{Task}/{Artist}.