Screening Room Version sorting

I've been experimenting with the sort options of screening room when using the Timeline view. From what I can tell the sort options only appear to control order of the columns and not the sort order of the versions listed under them. It would be nice if we could control the sort order of the version records themselves.

For a test I've been trying to get the oldest versions to show at the top(Easy sort test). I can't find a way to preserve the existing column sort order and sort the versions.

Currently we have a tool that has a defined fallback order. If I select Lighting it will try to find the latest lighting images. If it doesn't find those images it will fall back to the animation images. If it doesn't find that it will fall back to the Layout images. 

The user can choose multiple shots and this logic is applied to each of the shots and the found footage is loaded in RV, or PD Player.

I think similar functionality could be achieved if I could sort the shot columns in Screening Room. For example I could add a sort order column on the versions and use a Shotgun Event script to set that. Or more likely I will add the order column to a different entity that is linked to the Version record. I would do a Advanced sort of that number then the version number.