Any way to default Sync > Send > Image Format Settings to on?

We're doing RV sync session reviews between sites with the driving site using screening room to load clips from the playlist.

Our frame counts start at 1001, so when we play Movie files from the playlist, there is a range offset applied to get the frame numbers to match the frame numbers of the frames version of the clip.

We're finding that the remote session is seeing the clip as only 1 frame long rather than getting offset correctly.

If I turn on Sync > Send > Image Format Settings the clip gets set up correctly in the cases I've tried so far.

But on exit, I don't see this setting saved in the preferences, so I don't see any obvious way to force it on all the time for all our users and avoid them having to remember to manually enable it every time they do a review.

Is there a way to do this?


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    Matt Plec

    Never mind! I was missing the menu item to save as defaults, expecting these toggles were like the shotgun menu media prefs and either sticky or not.

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    Thanks Matt - yeah this is a slightly different paradigm than some of the other SR / RV prefs, but the "Save as Default Settings" option in the Sync menu is what you are looking for.



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    Jon Morley

    For the record the Annotation menu has a similar save as defaults option (FYI).