Accessing the Source Image / Display output pixel data


IS there a way to access the contents of the Source Image, or otherwise currently displayed/rendered image through the API? The Documentation suggests (http://www.tweaksoftware.com/static/documentation/rv/current/html/rv_reference.html#Chapter_13_Network_Communication_The_Protocol_Data_Messages) that the block of pixels can be both sent to RV in a PIXELTILE message, and senf from RV to a network client. The rvShell example demonstrates how to send pixel data to RV, is there a similar example illustrating how to retrieve data from RV and send it over network?

Thank you,



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    Jon Morley

    Hi Dmitry,

    For now the only way to access the individual pixels is the way the pixel inspector does. If you want to learn more about that please look at the file named inspector.mu in the plugins/Mu directory of your RV install.

    In the future when we release our new pixel inspector we plan to add some new API calls that should help with this kind of programmatic inspection.