Adding a new preference

What's the best way to add a new user preference to rv?  We've already created a fork of window_title.mu to support a custom window title workflow.  We'd like to add a boolean preference to rv's interface, preferably in RV > Preference > General, to allow the user to see the full path the currently displayed source.  When checked they'll see /foo/bar/baz.exr when unchecked they'll see baz.exr


Is there a way to add preferences to the RV > Preferences menu?  It would be great to add it there so we're fitting into the RV ecosystem


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Matthew,

    Unfortunately RV's preferences dialog is one of the few compiled pieces of the user interface. There is no way to extend the UI there I am afraid. However you can still leverage the same QSettings underneath. Therefore the best approach would be to create a menu for all the packages at your studio and toggle on and off your features as you see fit.