RV4 LookLut node

Hey gang,

Having a problem here migrating from the use of a FILE LUT to the use of a LOOK LUT.  According to the RV3 to RV4 documentation, it says:

"RVLookPipelineGroup: Look Pipeline (defaults to RVLookLUT node)"

However when I try to use that Node I just end up with errors about invalid node names.

This is what we are doing now to get the File LUT and this does work properly:


self.linPipeNode = groupMemberOfType(source, "RVLinearizePipelineGroup")
linearNode = groupMemberOfType(self.linPipeNode, "RVLinearize")
rvc.setIntProperty("%s.lut.active" % linearNode, [1],True)


When I try to substitute that with RVLookPipelineGroup and RVLookLUT however it doesn't work.


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    John Vanderbeck

    I managed to get this working, after gaining a better understand of the mechanics behind the groups and nodetypes.

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    Jon Morley

    Sorry to reply so late to this John.

    Is there anything else I can help clarify? Navigating the nodes in a pipeline group can be a tricky part of the new changes in RV-4 from RV-3. What was the least intuitive part? Maybe we could make a more convenient API call or at the very least document the pieces that seemed missing for you. Please let us know.